The secret to building a 10x startup engineering team

Hire a great chief technology officer.

Your CTO needs to be a hands-on engineer while he might also need the skills to design high-level systems also he should be able to inspire and lead your team to solve difficult problems and if not then solve it by himself.

Hire the execution team

Now, this is a tricky question. So read carefully, a lot of this depends upon the money you have to spend on engineering so let me do budgeting for you and tell you team structure for each of the different scenarios

You have 100k / year to spend on the engineering

I am assuming that you have 2 verticals in which you need to do engineering. so considering the team I would suggest you is

You have 500k/ year to spend on the engineering team

I am assuming you have 2 verticals then your Tech Lead should be responsible for creating the whole project plan

You have 2 million/ year to spend

4 SDE-1



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Nilesh Agarwal


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